St. Mary's Sunshine Center

Daycare & Preschool..

Four Year Old Program

Our four year old room is a busy place. Children explore areas of learning through hands-on activities. We strive to ensure that children have been introduced to concepts needed to succeed as they move into kindergarten. We use a Maryland Department of Education approved curriculum. We also work from a research based curriculum that incorporates additional science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) activities. The children receive formal writing instruction through the program, Handwriting Without Tears.


Each day children participate in large and small group activities. Many of these activities are hands on with opportunies for free exploration. The classroom is set up with learning centers that offer self-directed and guided choices. All of our art projects completed in the four year old room are 100% created by the children. The process of completing the project is more important than the final product.


Social skills are very important. Children are encouraged to work out problems on their own and express themselves using words. This is done with guidance and support from our staff. To build their self-confidence we encourage children to be more independent. They go to the bathroom on their own, make their cots for nap, and pour their milk. They are also expected to clean up their own messes, put on their own jackets and shoes.


We strive to keep all children motivated and engaged. We challenge the children to build on their current skill level while we are constantly introducing new ideas. Our program is designed to provide a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate learning experience for all of the children.

Three Year Old Program


Three year olds are very energetic and are beginning to show their independence and build self esteem through challenges and success. We encourage children to focus their energy on positive behavior and good choices. Our staff encourage self control, cooperation and exploration of their environment.  We use a Maryland Department of Education approved curriculum.

Each day children participate in a variety of large and small group activities.  Our staff create activities and personalized lesson plans to include the abilities of each individual child. We try to further children's development through a variety of center materials, active play and songs. Our busy daily schedule includes story time, outdoor play, free play in learning center, creative activities and large and small group activities. Independent exploration, teacher directed activities and hands-on learning helps develop a variety of skills and knowledge in areas such as literacy, mathmatics, scientific thinking and social skills. Our classroom environment helps to support all areas of development as well as language, problem solving, and acceptable social behavior.