Our Mission Statement 

Maryland State Department of Education Credentialing Program

Our staff is required to participate in the Md. Credentialing Program. This program requires additional training for all staff. Our teachers participate in specialized training and are required to have CPR & First Aid training.

Children learn through daily interaction with others as well as exploration of their environment. Every child is unique and we believe that success and growth come from a nurturing & inviting environment. A child sees the world around them with wonder& excitement. We provide hands on experiences that expand their curiosity. Our teachers focus on building children's self esteem and confidence through positive   reinforcement. We nurture their natural strengths and challenge their potential. 

Our Staff

Our Philosophy

St. Mary's Sunshine Center

Daycare & Preschool..

Our mission is to provide a developmentally appropriate program for all children that nurtures the whole child and respects each child as an individual, instills positive self-worth and a love for learning!