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Yuck! Germs!
Germs are tiny microorganisms that exsist all around us. There are many types of germs and some cause disease. Germs spread in various ways. Viruses are also the cause of many illnesses. Children who are experienceing signs of illness but are well enough to attend our center will still be required to go outside.  Fresh air and handwashing are necessary to help reduce the spread of germs and viruses.  Please help us teach the children the importance of good handwashing.
The importance of outdoor play...

Except in EXTREME cases, outdoor play is beneficial in all types of weather.  Outdoor play has numerous benefits including burning excess energy to help children focus and breathing in fresh air. It gives children opportunities for large muscle activities (gross-motor development), social skills and problem solving skills. Outdoor play for periods of time throughout the day improves children's health. Studies show that fresh air is healthly for us, unlike common beliefs that being exposed to cold are causes illness. Outdoor play is part of our daily routine. Be sure to send your child appropriately dressed for outdoor play.

Did you know....